3rd module (SigmoidNeuron) contest - Submission must have 300 rows

I am trying to submit for the 1st level contest. The test data has only 297 rows but upon submitting my output file, it shows an error saying “submission must have 300 rows”. Why is that?

We will resolve this ASAP. The missing files are 19.jpg, 242.jpg , 286.jpg.
Please put some random values for the correspoding entries for now.

We will update the dataset soon. Thanks for bringing this up.

If I bring in random values in the entries it would affect my submission score, isn’t it? Anyways, doing it just to make a valid entry and hopefully this is sorted out soon.

You can use the following values for those missing images:

These are the actual targets. Your scores won’t be affected with this.


A heads up. In contest#2 for Sigmoid Neuron, there is 1 missing file from test data. Would be helpful if you can give help for the remaining contests in this module, as it seems there are lesser files than the submission accepting logic is expecting.

In PadhAI: Text - Non Text Classification Level 2 contest, the image 240.jpg is missing.
You can use label 1 for that.

Thanks. This was useful.