A self driving Field

DATA SCIENCE A CRISP-DM model that basically works iteratively on the data to produce te best outcome .
Now a days there is a lot of hype about this field and some of us started this field of study to fill that demand but it’s more than that. Basically it’s the combination of a lot of cross - disciplinary skills like data mining,statistic,probability and programming skills . And yes about the programming skills you don’t have to be C level programmer developer all you need is some skills so that you can interpret data and draw some conclusion from the data that could be helpful in taking decisions for the organisation .

Data science basically work on the idea to draw useful insights from the data that could be helpful in understanding the future. For that you need data , and data should be stored in some database and you have to own the skills to clean that data ,put that on some machine learning algorithms ,test some hypothesis like what would happen for this condition . It’s like if-else if we take a simple programming part.

Hence data science is all about the science behind the insights of data.