About PadhAI machine learning course

Can you please just tell me when the machine learning course will start

The Machine Learning course will tentatively start around Feb 2021.

tentatively in the month of october as per the admin

The dates are not final as of now, they will possibly be shared by end of this FDS course.

Hi Ishvinder
Could you please update once ML classes are started /.
Just a quick help.can i enroll in DL batch without ML knowledge ?

There is a deep learning traning under GUVI

and how Padhai courses are different from these?

Hi @imkulu,
Yes there will be an announcement made on the forum as well as course website when ML course gets released.
Yes you can enroll in DL course, as all the prerequisites are already covered, and you need not to know ML before it.

This is the same archived version of DL course, it’s just that the certification is sponsored by both PadhAI and GUVI

Any Updates on the Machine Learning Course? I know this is a kind of repetitive question but I am asking out of curiosity.
Thank you.
Waiting for the next course.!

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ML course might be divided into several short courses, It might start next year.