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Hi Team,

Its been a very enriching experience learning the fundamentals of data science from One Fourth Labs. The clarity and flow of content is remarkable. As a marketer, I realized that the role of data in current-age marketing is immense and the course has been helpful in getting hold of the basics. The learning has been erratic however, owing to the disturbance caused by the pandemic, as well as my work schedule. My job currently demands extra working hours and I had been taking my time to get hold of every topic as in-depth as possible, however I realized I have been lagging a lot compared to the rest in my cohort. It would be a great help if you could clarify the time period up to which we would be able to access the content and if there are provisions for an extension? Anyone else on the same page as I am :smiley: !? Thanks.


Hi @shivam.dc

You’ll be able to access the course for 1 year from the date of enrollment.

Hi PADHAI team due to Covid is there extension in the course completion time to cover up the months lost due to lockdown.

Also for long time perspective if Padhai team working for providing the video access even after completion of the course time it will be very much helpful for all.

Kindly revert

Hi @schan0586,
Yes, we might give some extension considering the lockdown pause. It’s uncertain as of now to assure you about the lifetime access, we’ll get back to you soon if there’s any update.

Can we at least make the course available for 1 year from the date of the last published chapter rather than date of enrollment?

Hi @shyamal,
Please don’t worry about the course access, it can be extended for some special requests. But I would suggest you to complete it within an year from registration.

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Hi Padhai team can you please help to extend my FDS course maximum possible also for the lifetime access if any update please let us know , that will really help a lot .

Sorry, It’s not feasible for us to do this on our platform.
Would suggest you to buy it on GUVI for lifetime access.

Thanks Padhai team , kindly help to extend my FDS course , due to lockdown and other personal things need some more time (Min 6 months). Kindly help .

What is GUVI and how to go about making the purchase for lifetime access Ishvindar?

Guvi is our partnered platform, where we rerun our courses.
You’ll get a lifetime access there.
GUVI | Foundations of data science

Dear Padhai team , can you please help on this request . (kindly help to extend my FDS course , due to lockdown and other personal things need some more time (Min 6 months))

Hi Sachan,
The access has already been extended for 6 months for everyone.

We are still not able to view the course in the dashboard.Can you please extend the course for 6 months

Hi Team,

I would concur with shuvam. Due to the unexpected scenario there are a lot of folks who have been tied up with extra working hours and have been lagging behind (me included). Is it possible for the course expiration to be extended by another 6 months so that we can have a bit more time to finish the course.

Thanks again for all the help,


Hi @karthik_venkat, @krish_3103

It has been extended.

Dear Ishvinder and Padhai team thanks for extension and confirmation for the same.

Dear @Ishvinder,

Could you please extend the deadline for FDS course? I could still see the data of expiry unchanged in My Account section.


Hi @kovendhanv

It’s an issue on our LMS. Please ignore that.
You should be able to access the course beyond that too