Accessing the deep learning course [PadhAI CoViD19 Break]

I have registered the form to access the deep learning course… Please tell where to access the deep learning course as I couldn’t find the course anywhere


where did you find the form ?

In this week’s part of the data science course

same problem here…the form got submitted with no redirects or instructions on how to access the course

Yes, same problem here. How to get access? NO information after filling the form

Hi all, you will very soon be informed about how to access Deep Learning course :slight_smile:


I have finished the Week 8 of the Foundations of Data Science, i.e. Numpy.

I have enrolled by supposedly filling the form giving 2 months access to the Deep Learning course.

Awaiting your constructive response.

– Bilal Aamer

Can anyone please share the link of the deep learning course we are getting free access to


Which course will I get to access for free? Is that the course available on GUVI or the one on Padhai!!
And how to get access to that course?


Dear All,

We have started enrolling all the students who have finished first 8 weeks of PadhAI Data Science and have submitted a request for the CoViD19 DL Access.

Please check your emails, and let us know if you have not received access.


Hi Gokul, I have submitted a request however did not receive any email about the access. Please help.

Thank you, for the prompt action.

Now I am able to access the Deep Learning course.

–Bilal Aamer

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Hi Gokul - I have submitted the email request and is yet to be provided access to the course. Kindly support.


how to start Machine Learning and Deep Learning course

You can fill up the form to join Deep Learning course after finishing Week-8 Contents

Hi, Where is the form to fill ??

And what about the Machine Learning course.

Hi ,

I Sent email from for accessing deep learning course during this break . didnt get any response yet . could you please guide me for enabling the Deep Learning course access meanwhile in this break period .

Dear All,

Once again let me remind the procedure to apply for the 2019 DL course access during this CoViD19 break:

  1. Complete all your data science course lessons (till Week 8)
  2. You will find a last lesson which contains a form. Please fill out that form if you are interested in availing the access. (Read the full form carefully while you fill it)

Upon doing the above, you’ll be automatically enrolled for the DL course for 2 months.

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Completed Week 8 and enrolled for 2 month DL course. Looking forward for the details in my email.