Acecess extension request

Please let me know that are we going to get access extension since we lost few months because of Covid19 pandomic?

Yes, don’t worry about this.

Thanks for the prompt reply.
Great course material and would be glad do a lot.
Also looking forward to register for the Machine Learning course.
When ML shall start?

Hi @Vilas_Jagtap,
ML course is scheduled after some short courses on Object Detection, and Mathematical Foundations courses.
Will keep you guys updated regarding the timeline.

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Hello Team,

Has the course automatically been extended to support the closure due to Covid situation?

If yes, that does not reflect in my account status as it still shows the exact one year of validity.

Also for people who work it would tremendously help as we try to take time off during the weekend and learn something new.



Hi Harihara,
Yes we’ll provide the extension for the break caused by covid. Don’t worry about that. :slight_smile: