AI - Algorithm based small project

Dear All,

I am trying to make a small project in AI. the definition is as follows: “Hiding the data into the image”.

the algorithm followed while applying this definition is:

  1. For each character in the data, its ASCII value is taken and converted into 8-bit binary [1].
  2. Three pixels are read at a time having a total of 3*3=9 RGB values. The first eight RGB values are used to store one character that is converted into an 8-bit binary.
  3. The corresponding RGB value and binary data are compared. If the binary digit is 1 then the RGB value is converted to odd and, otherwise, even.
  4. The ninth value determines if more pixels should be read or not. If there is more data to be read, i.e. encoded or decoded, then the ninth pixel changes to even. Otherwise, if we want to stop reading pixels further, then make it odd.

Repeat this process until all the data is encoded into the image.

Now my major concern is, this is not the typical algorithm we study in AI-book. but few steps which will be followed during the process. so does this considered as AI-Project? or i have to use some popular algorithm like DFS,BFS, A* or minimax ?

kindly help me for this.


Your project is basically “image steganography”.

I don’t think so steganography is considered under AI, rest you can google this term with AI.

I found this under some journal, if this might help -

Steganography is a process of hiding data into an image, audio, video or text file. The word Steganography is obtained from Greek:

‘stegos’ means ‘to cover’ and ‘grayfia’, means ‘writing’. i.e. ‘covered writing’. The main objective is to protect the sensitive data against the

malicious attack. The present paper discuss the steganography used to embedded data in an image file. The text can be encoded in an

image and the modified image is to be sent to the authorized person. This prevents the secret data from outside attacks tried by

cybercriminals. After receiving the image, the person will decode the image and obtain the confidential information. The proposed

embedded algorithm is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. The encryption and decryption are done using MATLAB.

Thanks @pushpakruhil. i got the idea, so like any program having a small algorithm can be considered in AI?

for example i have created a game called “Mind reader Game” in this code i have not used any algorithm. i have just created 3 function, one is to keep track on user inputs one is to keep record of the scores and one is to predict 0 or 1 randomly. so still it can considered as AI-Program?

See, I can’t be sure about it as i am a student too and I don’t wanna pass any wrong knowledge to you…but when we talk about AI, we consider these 5 aspects →

  1. Problem solving
  2. Knowledge representation
  3. Reasoning
  4. Decision making
  5. Perception, communication, actuation

Do some research on this and check for yourself if these 5 aspects are fulfilled or not. If yes, your game will be considered under AI.

According to me, i guess it will not he considered under AI, your mind reader game because it’s just displaying 0 or 1 randomly…does this prediction depend on the previous factors? If no then i doubt if it’ll be considered AI

Yes, It depends on previous selections of user. I use to store them in list, then if count of 1’s is higher then prediction=1 , if count of 0’s are higher then prediction=0 else prediction=random (0,1).

and i think this may go into reasoning.

and, thank you for your response.