AMEO 2015 dataset

i don’t have the AMEO 2015 dataset . Please share with me if someone have it.

My email id is :-

Professor hinted that it will be available in the download section. But it is not there.

Hi @thiaguarjun,
AMEO Dataset cannot be made available by our end, you’ll have to download it by your own from the website told in the course video.
For more help, refer: Downloading the AMEO Dataset Week 12

Thank you Ishvinder. I did not see the next set of videos, where he mentioned the data has to be downloaded by individual.

Even i had the same issue @thiaguarjun do one thing go on the link sir provided there will be to parts to the page one will be dataset and another will be ameo 2015 click on that, there will be a zip file to download use the train file inside the zip extracted folder, i am leaving a screenshot of the page below for your reference

hit on the hyperlink named as ‘here’ and a zip file will download automatically.


Thank you. It helped.

i dn knw how to download AMEO 2015 dataset.
Can anyone please send me that dataset on

Hi, did u get the dataset?

check the bottom left section (under AMEO tab). A link to download the dataset gets activated.