An Enquiruy: How to submit Assignments for the week5

I entered to this blog only today.
I don’t know where to post this query.
The problem is that , I dont know where i have to submit my assignmemts for the week5.
I have solved all problems and saved in a Jupyter notebook, but could not submit.
I want to acess the classes of week-6 , but it is possible only after sumittin the assignments for week-5
What is the way out?

Hey @casafeeque,

Welcome to the community, this is the place for such queries and doubts.

As for your doubt , The week 5 of FDS does have assignment problems which are to be done, however, they aren’t to be submitted.

Make sure you’ve marked the topics your done with as complete and continue.

Hope the response was helpful.

–> Bilal Aamer