Are Kaggle Contests still on? - Guvi Deep Learning


I am looking forward to enroll into the Deep Learning course of Guvi learning. Just want to know about the Kaggle contest process in the modules of the course. Are contests still held ? Are there any deadlines associated with those contests ?


Hey @BudR,

Unfortunately the contests aren’t still active, as for the deadlines the’re expired but as stated by @GokulNC:

Sorry no, the Kaggle contest is not live now. However you are encouraged to take part in it, since it will definitely help you learn how to start using Kaggle, and use it for other Data Science live challenges on Kaggle.

Hope this clears the doubt.

Hi @Bilal_Aamer,

Thanks for the info. I did saw couple of post mentioning it isn’t live anymore, but the course enrollment page points out ‘Frequent Kaggle Contest’ as one of its key features. So I just wanted to clarify. I will take that the Kaggle problems are just for practice then :slightly_smiling_face:

By “not active” and “not live”, what I meant was, it’s not being taken by many students actively & competitively at the same time, since Guvi DL is a self-paced course. (unlike a semester/batch as that of PadhAI Feb’2019)

The leaderboards are still up, meaning you can aim to achieve top results in comparison to what others have achieved. :slight_smile:


Hi @GokulNC,

That is Awesome! :grin:
Thanks for the clarification.