Artificial Intelligence vs Human Intelligence in Medical Field

Compare AI and Human Intelligence in the field of Medical

I would like to give my opinion on this,

Doctors and Physicians play a very significant role in decision making when it comes to the medical field.
But the amount of information they has to process to make a decision is pretty huge in many cases, Like examining retinal scans. Now the issue comes in two ways

  1. One might not have enough experience to differentiate all possible cases.
  2. Though One is experienced, cognitive strain, induced due to repeated examination of cases in day or long working hours or any random reason, could have hindered his judgement. (which is basic human tendency).
    These two cases are where Human Intelligence fails and everyone could agree on this.

This is where AI could help Doctors (I’m more inclined towards saying help rather than replace)
You can collect all possible cases and create a model or system, which could be replicated many times.
And these systems will not be strained by repeated use for hrs. There are still 100s of things that AI can’t do, but certainly there are things which machines are better at doing, its better to use those tools like using a hammer to strike a nail, rather than using bare hands.


Impressive answer, Thanks :slight_smile: