Assignment Scores on certificate?

Hi PadhAI team,
Do we get assignment scores in the final certificate?

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We are yet to figure out what will exactly go on to the certificate. But the quiz is important and the performance on the quizzes will reflect on the certificate. Either as grades, marks, or as special certificates for those who do well.


Hello Sir,
After every quiz we have been provided with options for multi attempt. If the certificate will marks or grade related to quiz, then which one will be counted. The question came as I am not reattempting those quiz as I have cleared on 1st attempt itself.

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The best score of all attempts in each quiz will be taken into consideration.

Thank you!
So I will go back to quiz one and reattempt that. :slight_smile:

Hello sir,
I just want to give a small advice regarding the certification as there may be students who are completely not from computer science background and there may be some who in this professional field and want to boost their skills . Sir, there could be difference in both of their level to solve quizzes. So please take this point also in consideration.

Do we get grades on our certificate?
Which we will get at the end of the course.