Auto switching to next lesson is not working

Hi Padhai,

Even though I have completed “File handling”, “Stats with Numpy”, “Rules of Statics” lesson in Week8:Numpy chapter, It is showing not completed.

Because of this, I cannot progress to Next chapter. Usually, when one lesson is completed, control will automatically play the next lesson. But in the Numpy chapter, it is not working properly.

Please help me on this

Hi Admin,

I am facing a similar issue with Pandas1. So, unable to move to Pandas2. Can you please look into this issue.


Please make sure that the bullet placeholder in the left has been ticked.

Hi Admin,

The bullet placeholder on the left side has not been ticked even though I have completed the lesson.


Please hover the video slider to the end, and wait till continue button appears.

I have tried this too. But end of the video, I am not seeing continue button. Instead it is stopped at the end.

After logging out and logging in, I am not observing the issue.