Awesome Book on Pandas

Hi Everyone,

Going forward with the course, it becomes essential to have filthy of tools ready to excel in Data Science and related technologies.
Though this course focuses a lot on the hands-on part, (Credits to Prof. @Pratyush). We all need to have some strong grip over Pandas to grasp things going over the course.
Here is Learning Pandas, a really good resource to rely on for learning different functionalities of Pandas.



Hello Ishvinder,

Thanks for sharing good-reads for the course. But link for this shared resource is not reachable.


The link has been updated. If you’re still facing issues, please try the web version:
Pandas - RipTutorials


@GokulNC Thanks for sharing the updated link to the resource. It is certainly a very informative resource on Pandas. Could you point to more of such resources on Data science or Pandas etc.?

@PadhAI and @PadhAI-Team can you please add this link to the Learning Resources - Master List
This will help in consolidation

is there intellisense available in python IDE? which can show function after pressing “.” and required argument?