Bug in course quiz

In the quiz section, there are two types of quiz one is compulsory and another is optional. If you attempt the optional quiz first then you know the answers to all the problems and then you can attempt the compulsory one and paste all your answers. By which quiz credibility is decreased and anyone can complete this course easily without going through all the courses video. So, this course certificate has no meaning in the real world.

Please fix this problem and gain the credibility for this course.

Hi @cbsemasters,
The certificate we provide is for completion of the syllabus, it’s not like a full fledged data science certification, as we didn’t took any proctored exams.
I personally feel there are plenty of ways to cheat just for the sake of getting a certificate.
But certificates in today’s edtech era merely matter. What matters is how is your problem solving ability.
Thanks for the feedback, we’ll try to update this issue in upcoming courses.