Call for Volunteers - Knowledge Base Curation

Hi Everyone,

Excited to announce that we’re starting a Knowledge Base which will be open for all.

We’re looking for contributors to join our first Editorial team.

Please refer to the Information Brochure for more details/application procedure.

Thanks & Regards,


Is it require that we must have the knowledge of one of the courses? If I am doing the course side by side then can I apply for this?

You can apply for this :slight_smile:

Hi , I’m currently doing the data science course and have applied for this. Its something I’m very much interested in doing .

How do I know if I’m selected ?

Hi @najmastar8,
We’ll let you know soon.

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Is the opportunity still open? I saw this announcement today only

Yes, it’s still open You can apply for this.

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Thank you for posting and sharing the same!

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@Ishvinder have the selected candidates been notified already?

We’re in the process of doing so. Will contact you all soon.

can i apply now…is it still open?

Yes, you can apply now.

What is the deadline for applying?

You can apply anytime, the application will be queued.