Can PG students apply? - Admission Enquiry

Hi, I am a PGDBM student in NMIMS. Can PG student apply under student/faculty tag ?

Absolutely! If you’re a full-time student in a college (UG/PG, any degree) or school, you can apply.
Even Ph.D. students and any full-time faculties of any academic institution can apply for the discount.

Note: The candidate must be affiliated to the academic institution at the time of applying.
(For example, passed-out/graduated students cannot apply for the student discount)


I am a full time Research Associate with an academic institution.
Am I eligible to apply under the Student/Faculty option ?

PS: I uploaded my current ID, but was asked to pay 5900 at the checkout page

@Ishvinder ?
@GokulNC ?

Sorry for delayed response. I checked with your email and it is working fine and it shows me Rs.1180.

Can you please check again?

Thanks @Prem

I have enrolled :slight_smile: