Can the DL course be continued after the free access

I have been doing the FDS course and due to lockdown got access to DL course for 2 months. As the DL course is for 4 or 5 months ,can i continue to learn after the free access with or without fee?Also, i came to know that contests are closed and microcertificates cannot be obtained now. If I am to continue the DL then will I get a certificate at the end of the course? Please clarify. Thanks in advance.

Hi @surabhireshmi,
As per the announcements, DL course will be accessible only for 2 months, considering this free time It is quite easy to complete whole course in two months.
Certificates will be provided for completing DL course.
If anyhow you’re not able to complete it in two months, you can do the course at GUVI


Till when is the DL course accessible, from and to date please.
Im in week 8 of FDS course.


It will be accessible for two months, and the duration starts from the day you get registered for it.

Okay. Got it. Thank You.

So we can register any time right. Irrespective of the time registered right?