Cannot able to move to next week of the course


I am unable go to the next week videos, it says "To move forward please complete the prerequisite, I have completed all the videos and quiz , please help here.

Please ensure that on the every bullet mark of the previous week gets converted into a tickmark

Thanks but I have completed all the videos , but I have received the tickmark for the 3 listed but still it says the same, please help here.

Could you share a screenshot of the module that you are stuck in, with all the lecture titles visible in the menu bar.


Sorry for the delayed response.

Attached is the snapshot for your reference.

Make sure you complete all the videos till end, and as soon as you do this, a popup will appear on your screen. Press the continue button and in the left side bullets, that small circle will be replaced with a tick mark.
Do the same for all previous videos.

I have completed all the videos. Can you tell me do I get the tick mark after completing each video?


As @Ishvinder said, to obtain the completion tick-mark for a video,

  • The seeker needs to move to move to the end of the video (Drag it to the last 10 seconds manually if required).
  • Once the video finishes playing, you will be shown a popup that asks if you want to mark the lesson as complete.
  • Select complete and you will receive a tick mark.


I tried all the possibilities , after each video I am not getting any tick mark. I have completed all the videos but only for the last 3 videos I got the tick mark.

Try accessing the course on an incognito browser and see if you’re able to complete those pending videos.

If you’re still unable to do so, please send a Private Message to me with your registered email ID and I will see what I can do.


Thanks a lot for your support, It is working in Incognito Mode. I am able to view next videos.