Career Shift from GIS to Data Science or Exploring my current career

hi there,
I’m presently working as a GIS analyst in one of the startups related to Environment Risk management and solutions. GIS and Remote Sensing is still evolving in our country as people are not trying to explore the full potential of it. Firms related to GIS are also less. so what would be a good decision, whether to go for a career shift or to be in the same career exploring things collaborating Data science?


Hi @dharmaraj
I’m no expert in GIS, but research in the field is growing rapidly, since there is a great potential for developing consumer products. Decades back GIS had only purpose in the Military and national security related issue, fast forwarding today we have lot day-to-day uses like maps, navigation. The scope has become bigger starting from urban planning to shopping recommendations, disaster management to dating sites; the domain is gaining momentum fueled by Data Science and Machine Learning.

Having said all these i would say its more of personal choice whether follow GIS or change your career entirely.
It could be based on where you are? what you are doing? What you expect?
Positively one who is good in both GIS and ML could have greater value once India picks up pace in this field.
But this just a one man’s opinion.

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Hello @JGEOB
Thank you very much for your suggestion.