Cast Course on TV through Chromecast

I was just wondering if there’s a way to cast the PadhAI course onto the TV screen through any direct Chromecast feature, the closest I could get was through using Google Chrome’s cast feature, but it has its disadvantages and it gets a bit laggy sometimes, please consider this issue if possible

The videos on our PadhAI platform run using the following: Wistia player

As far as I’ve searched, they currently haven’t yet supported Chromecast.

  • Better you can try connecting your laptop to your Android TV via an HDMI cable and view the videos so that there’s no lag.
  • Or if you need Chromecast really that bad, I request you to provide the feedback to Wistia too. :slight_smile:

Well, I really appreciate the timely response from the PadhAI team, as I can see Wistia doesn’t provide that feature yet. It’s alright, at least its not a major issue

Thanks anyway, cheers to the PadhAI Community

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If anyone’s still looking for a way to do this, I’ve found a way through Android. Install the ‘Web Video caster’ and then run your course videos on it, it will extract the video and let you cast it on your Chromecast or any other Device as per your requirement. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a chrome extension which works for Wistia at the moment.

Experience was flawless with this app.