Certificate and renewal

What if we are not able to complete foundations of data science course within one year deadline, would we get the certificate or will there be any method for renewal of our progress by extending deadline to extra one year.

It’s suggested that you complete the course within 1 year. Or else you won’t get a certificate and access to the content.

But what about if we were not able to complete… So we have to enroll again and if we enroll again, do we have learn form start or from where we left? It would be better if in such cases you save the data of learners and if they enroll again, let them start from where they left.

Yes, you need not to start again from the beginning.

Are you saying “Our courses will be saved to the last point where we left off. We need not start agian?”.

Please guide as to where or how can we find the option to renew, the course with payment?