Certificate for Data Science

Hi Admin,

I had completed the “Foundations of Data Science” last week but i am yet to get the certificate. Could you please look into this?

Hi @kprajeesh,
Just to confirm, is your progress bar showing 100% ?

Yes. The tile shows as 99% but once i click the tile. It shows as 100%

Padhai Padhai-2

Attached screenshot for reference

Can you please check if there’s any optional quiz pending, which may cause this error?

I double checked from my end and all of them have been completed.

Could the team provide some help on this?

Hi @kprajeesh,
We’re sorry about this inconvenience, we have some bug on the services that we use from an LMS organization.
We’ve written this to them, we’ll update you asap.

Thanks Ishvinder. I trust your words and won’t follow up again and will await your response on this.

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I checked your profile and it seems your grade at Week 14 Quiz Test (Compulsory) is 38%, which requires a passing grade of 40%

You will get the certificate when you complete this.