Certificate issue

Though I completed the course but in my dashboard it is still given 99% and I checked twice there is nothing left to complete…as that is why I’m not getting certificate can u check it and solve my problem?

I am seeing a similar issue. The only thing I have ignored are some of the optional quizzes. But it says I have completed 99%. Can you please look into this issue?

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Please try marking the optional quizzes as completed. That might be the issue I think.

That defeats the purpose of creating optional quizzes why are you unable to fix the bug?

As per your information I again checked it and I again completed the optional quiz…but then also it is showing 99% in dashboard but if I go inside the course it is showing100% completed…and all weeks are marked completed…so plzz from your side u check it…

Hi Mitesh

Sorry for the delay. I checked your profile and for Week 14 Quiz (Compulsory), your score is 38% and the passing grade is above 40%

Complete this to get the certificate.

thanks a lot…yes now it is showing…i got it…