Clarification reg. week 12 Quiz

In Week 12 Quiz for the Below questions.

How it is said that alcohol consumption is directly proportional to speed ? Coz Data is mostly concentrated in between 4-6 in X-axis and correspondingly the y values are spread throughout the axis in that region. Even beyond 6 the accidents are very less comparatively. So, I think “no correlation” would be better option. Correct me if I’m Wrong.

In this question most of child tickets are populated below 100 considering the proportion of Adult vs Child it is clearly seen that Ticket fare of children were less expensive than adult ticket right ?


Hi @msanthosh1855,

The idea of the questions is to give insight on messages conveyed by the data(visualized),

  1. It is true that the points are not perfectly aligned, there are lot of deviations, but the general trend suggests that speed and alcoholic levels are correlated i.e an trend line with some slope can be approximated to capture the pattern (non necessarily fit every point in the data). In Many real world cases this is the best approximation you would get for those actually have correlation.
    Its important point that “Correlation does not mean causation”. So it could turn out that those trends arise out of random in the data that we have taken, which could be figured out as we dig deeper. But initially based on observable trends we create logical statements and then test further based on other evidences to prove and disprove.
    And the statement here being “relation between points” not pointing out to causation.

  2. a. Fares below 50, there is dense population across all age.
    b. moving above hundred the the data points sparse, again across all ages.
    c. Over all children count is less than that of adults’ count.
    d. also some points suggest that some children were charged around 100 - 150 bucks.
    based on these argument against “Children are charged less” are,
    Given relatively small numbers not many children accompanied elders and given there are cases with higher tickets; it is very much plausible that people above certain fare, for some reason might not have had children with them.
    To make such statement there are no clear evidences/relations in the given plot. And one has to add more information.

Again these questions are to create thought processing and approaching problems and attitudes towards data and story it tells. There may be other better justifications and reasoning which are very much valid.



Cool thank you…

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