Class 12 Standard math is Required for data science or not?

I belong from pure Arts Background.
So I did’t have any idea about Class 12 standard math.
After Joining Data science some how I feel that I need to Learn some mathematics.
Is Class 12th mathematics knowledge is required for data scinece?

No, but you’ll need to have your brush on till 10th class mathematics. Other essential concepts like probability and statistics will be covered.

Sir,It is near 9 years,I full detached from math.
Sir can You tell me which Mathematic Chapter I need to Learn for data science ?

You can start reading about the topics which have already been covered in Descriptive Statistics lecture, in addition to this just take a glimpse to the topics discussed by Prof. Mitesh in the Introductory lectures. If you have plenty of time, just give them a thorough read from any source on Internet, or Khan Academy (as per my personal recommendation)