Compleleted the Deep Learning course 80% and now as 2 month is about to get over so after enrollment do i need to start over?

I have completed the Deep Learning course 80% till date but 2 months timeline is about to be end. So do if i do enroll in the Deep learning course again then do i need to start over. please can you clarify over it.
If yes then i request you to please extend the timeline a little for completion of the remaining course.

The course will continue from you are left off if you enrol again.

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I have enrolled in the Deep learning Course so can you help me with that upto when this course will be available to me ?
and as the course is revived so will i be getting the micro certificates or not for the kaggle competition ?

The validity will be 1 year from the date of registration.
No, micro certificates will not be allocated now.

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