Course duration printed on certificate?

What will be the course duration printed on the certificate ?

Course duration will not be there on the certificate.

Sir, not on the data science project ?and one thing more how will the sample certificate look like ?

And sir no date will be mentioned on the certificate?

Sir what things will be printed on certificate?

Please scroll down and check the certificate format on this page:

Sir tha start date of the course is mentioned but not the end date .My college will not accept this certificate sir pls is the start date and the end date of the course could be pronted on this .if it can’t be printed then it will be of no use .pls reply as soon as possible

Basically, end date will vary for each student. So the date of publishing the certificate will be the end date…

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@swarnimajain1998 Hello.Thanks for contacting us.

The date you saw in the sample certificate is just a sample date. In reality, you’ll get the certificate when you complete the course. On completion, your certificate will be issued instantly.

So the day you complete your course is also your certificate issuance date. And this is a lifetime valid certificate. Hence only issue date will be there.


Sir ,pls can there be start date also with the issue date as well

The issue date is the start date, from then the certificate is valid. And there is no end date or “valid till” date because the certificate is valid for lifetime.

Sir i am not saying that i mean to say -“Can you please mention the start date of the course too with the date of issuance of the certificate?”

Being an online course, this doesn’t have any particular start date or end date. It’s not a tightly-fixed scheduled course. So the only date that will be mentioned in the certificate is the issue date and the expiry date of the certificate. Since the validation is lifetime, only one date will be mentioned, that is the issuance date.

Hope this clarifies your query.