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Hello Sir,

I wanted to enroll in Foundation of Data Science Course. But course is available on 2 places , one is here and another one is on Guvi platform, I would like to know what is the difference between these 2 courses? Also, in GUVI there are no quiz but lifetime access. I am very much confused between the 2 platforms, please clarify the differences.

Thank You

hello @Lokasis_Ghorai.

I am currently doing the deep learning course from guvi, while the Foundations of data science from PadhAI platform. The content is same on both the platforms, though I’d suggest you to enroll on PadhAI platform.

I said so because, on GUVI, you won’t have much of assessments and assignments, after completion of chapters, which you’ll get on padhAI platform.

Though Guvi is a great platform overall, and both of the platform are well recognized, certification wise.

Thanks, Akshit Mehra.

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Hi, thanks for the clarification, also what is the duration in PadhAI platform? GUVI is giving lifetime access…that’s my only concern…Thanks in Advance

one year from the date you enrolled.