Course Video player does not remember video quality & speed

Course Video player does not remember video quality & speed

Hey PadhAI Team,
I have some problem with the video player while watching the course. Its not a huge problem but let me explain.

I like to watch videos in 1.25x speed and i can set the speed in the video player. The same way, I can set the resolution in the video player. The problem i am facing is that i need to set the speed of the video player only ones and the interface remembers my preference, i need to adjust the resolution of the video player every time i open the video. I observed this when i was accessing the videos while i was traveling and was trying to save my mobile data. can we do anything about that so that the preference ones set can not change?

Yes, the video resolution/quality is not persistent across videos.
On each video, the player defaults to ‘Auto’ mode, meaning that the resolution is chosen dynamically according to the bandwidth affordable by your connection for streaming.

This default behavior unfortunately cannot be overridden.
The video player is called Wistia, which doesn’t support the option for saving preferences. (check here)
And we cannot change the video player since our platform is powered by a Learning Management System (LMS) called Thinkific which only supports this player and YouTube.

However, we will take this as a feedback and report it as a feature request to Thinkific.
Also, to remember the video playback speed, I personally use a Chrome Extension called Video Speed Controller.
(It’s a cool extension that also allows you to control the playback speed at minute levels)


I love watching videos at 2x, video player does remember my preferences. Facing same issue with video quality though