CUDA error: an illegal memory access was encountered

When I ran the code for first time, everything was fine…But when i tried to give second, third attempt this error pops up…Kindly give me a solution

Hi @sowkarthika_s
It’s because you should have done only.
Do not assign it back to X_train

Thank you for the reply…

Here is the error that i am trying to…Plz help me with it…

Try doing the following instead.
Y_predict = Y_predict.detach().cpu().numpy()

Yes i tried the same…But same error pops up.

Seems unusual, can you try writing
torch.cuda.set_device(1) before this snippet?

Thank you sir …its solved…X_val was not moved to coda before.

please help me with this question

What are the reasons for this:

CUDA error: an illegal memory access was encountered

and how to solve.

Hi, Can you please attach a screenshot or some snippet/ notebook for reference?

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Hi, can you please print self.device for a reference.
Just to add, if you’re using GPU as the device, did you use the following snippet?