D.S. for a Non Computer Engineering student

I’m a S.Y. Mechanical Engineering student and I want to become a data scientist, Please tell me how do I approach this course. I know python a bit , but I don’t know what more should I learn using python like databases, data warehouses,how to collect data, how to write script using python I don’t know such things and I want to learn them.Please guide me.

Hi @telangpranav009,
I appreciate your spirit, but to be honest, you’ll have to work on a few things really well:

  1. Practice every hands-on session from the course.
  2. Start working on your Programming skills, you can refer to a book shared in Learning Resources Master List

You don’t need to know everything right at the beginning(Database etc.), take things one at a time with full dedication.
Don’t hesitate to ask any questions on the forum, we will try to help you out.