Data-driven science

Data-driven science

DATA is what you need to do ANALYTICS and INFORMATION is what you need to do BUSINESS

Data science is the step by step procedure followed by finding a business problem, Data acquisition, Data preparation, Exploratory data analysis[Understanding the data], Data modelling, Visualization and communication and finally deployment and maintenance.

The following are the detailed steps followed during data science project.

Step 1.Data science comprises of finding a business problem of the organisation.
Step 2. Then comes the collection of data relevant to the problem( Data Acquisition) with either through the data available with the organisation or collecting the data through sampling.
Step 3.Data has to be cleaned and transformed once it is collected .This phase refers to data preparation phase.
Step 4.Exploratory data analysis
has to be done in order to summarize the data and in order to find the independent variables for building the model
Step 5. The data then has to be modeled using machine learning algorithms.The model should be tested with a test data.Modelling of data has to be a iterative process.The product has to be a minimum viable product.
Step 6. The Model has to be visualized using visualization tool like tableau and the solution to the business problem has to be communicated to the organisation.
Step 7: The model needs to be deployed and should be maintained.