Data for MP neuron Kaggle contest

I have two queries related to Kaggle contest of MP-neuron:-

  1. In data processing video, The mentor has uploaded one template file “Like-Unlike Classification Template.ipynb”.
    I wasn’t able to find that file. Is there any link to access that file?

  2. I was trying to access csv file present in the Data folder but not able to access it. The code is running but not returning any file, not sure If I’m making any mistake here. I have attached the screenshot. Please check.

I think template you can download from the course. you can see a file to download it.
Data is shown in the screen shot you had shared. can you explain the issue.


  1. I didn’t see any file to download from course. Can you please tell me where exactly it’s available in Guvi website?

  2. The issue is that the code should return list of all file names but here it’s showing empty list " " . You can see the black rectangle box showing empty list, it means it’s not able to find any file at “…/input” path.
    The expected output should be like [“train.csv”, “test.csv”] but actual output showing is blank list .

I hope you got the issue.

Hi @Shweta_S,

  1. The templates are there in the activity/summary tab, please check the last few videos’ activity tabs for this.
  2. Did you try listing all the directories in the root folder? It is possible that you might have to traverse a bit to find the directory.