Data Science Certificate not received


I have completed Data Science Course and till date i didn’t get certificate. one uploaded certificate is for Deep learning. please kindly upload my certificate for Data science.

its showing 100 percent in course panel but 99% in home page.

Hi @tshering,
There’s some bug in the services we’re using.
Sorry for inconvenience, we’ll get it resolved asap and let you know.

I have not yet received Data science Certificate. please look into it sir

Hi @tshering,
Sorry for this, but can you please check if you have all the feedbacks and optional quizzes completed.

Sir, I have checked and its showing 100 Percent completed. please look into it.


Check this: How to get certificate of completion

sir, I have checked it and its show 100. kindly go thorough screen shot of course completion. please do something for my certificate.


Week 14 quiz is incomplete.
It’s hard for us to reset the password for each account and check if you’ve completed all the lessons. Please check carefully before asking.

I have changed your password. Please reset and login next time.

thank you sir,

I got the certificate.