Data science course beyond Week 8


Is there any latest update on when is the Data Science course likely to resume after Week 8 ?


Hi @hari.yajurveda, due to access restrictions to our recording room, we’re unable to record new lectures, we’re working on the content and will update you all soon.

Thank you. For the moment I have completed Week 8. Do you suggest any other external reading till that point ?

Yes, i would suggest you to do a pandas prework and get yourself some arms and guns, to grasp more in the upcoming lectures.
You can refer to one of my earlier post, it has a link to kaggle Micro-course.

Hello Ishvinder,

Do not seem to find the link to kaggle micro-course. Request you to provide them here again. Thank you

Here it is

Once I completed Week 8, I got a form for free access to Deep Learning course for 2 months. I just want to understand more on this. Given that I have only completed 8 weeks in DS, can I understand DL at this point ?

Also is this DL course different from the one I saw earlier (Guvi ?) or something like that

Please help clarify


Yes, the DL course covers all the foundational topics which are necessary.
You might need some basics to understand the mathematical part, but you can skip that as per the explanation in course.
Yes this course and the one on GUVI are same

Thank you for the clarification. If possible, is there a separate listing of reading material on the Maths required for Deep Learning. I would like to prep on that before attempting this

You can refer to Mathematics for Machine Learning book shared in Master Resource List