Data Science vs Deep Learning vs Machine Learning

Data Science vs Deep Learning vs Machine Learning

AI enables the machine to think.

Machine learning(ML) is subset of Artificial intelligence. ML provides us statistic tool to explore the data.
ML has three approaches
1.Supervised Learning-Modeling of labeled data
2.Unsupervised Learning-clustering the non labelled data using distance metrics
3.Reinforcement learning(Semi supervised machine learning)-Learning based on some labeled data and unlabeled data.

Deep learning (DL) is the subset of machine learning .Deep learning makes machine learn like a brain ie) Multi neural network architecture.

  1. Artificial Neural Network(Modeling with Numbers)
    2.Recurrent Neural Network(Modelling with Time series data)
    3.Convolution Neural Network(Modelling with images)

Data science(DS) involves AI, Machine learning and deep learning modelling with the use of tools, Mathematics(Algebra) , Statistics and probability.