Dataset for Capstone project

Hello , The dataset for capstone project is kept on google drive. I use my office laptop which does not allow me to access the google drive. can we please keep it on github, github is allowed. AWS cloud also.
can you please help.

I will try to help you with this, and let you know.

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Thank you. I will wait for your help, I have completed the course. wanted to complete the capstone project. but stuck with the dataset issue.

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Hi Ishvinder , you are always very helpful, can you please help with the issue above. I really want to complete the project as I have already completed the architecture etc.

Hey, sorry for the delay.
You can access the gdrive data here.
For transliteration data, please refer GokulNC’s repo link shared in the description.

Thanks, I have downloaded it.

Hi @Ishvinder , Thank you for the help with the data. I am able to complete the capstone project. do I need to upload it anywhere. or it is just for my own practice.

also I was thinking if we can share any more capstone projects for practicing, specially on CNN.

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That’s for self practice. ideally, you can create a repo and share your work with others who are stuck at some place.
I think you can take any other dataset and do the tasks yourselves now. Or pick one of the public challenges out there