Deadline for august 2019 batch for Deep Learning course

As Feb 2019 batch has got extension, would we also get extension?

Hi @priyanka,
The aug’19 batch course on GUVI already has a lifetime access.

when is last date for DL - feb batch ?

what about FDS -feb’20 batch? do we have lifetime access?

It’s Sept’2020 for Feb’19 DL course.

No, FDS course will be accessible for 1 year from the date of registration

@Ishvinder but if we complete the course on guvi, we will get certificate from GUVI. To get certificate from one fourth labs, till when can we complete it?

The certificate provided by GUVI is also powered by OFL

But what if I want certi from ofl only? The videos on padhAI platform are not complete.

Hey @priyanka
During the month of October or November 2019, you would have received an email from PadhAI stating that you need to migrate to GUVI. Please follow that email.

Yes, the certificate from GUVI is also by One Fourth Labs, hosted on GUVI’s website.

okay, thanks for help @Ishvinder @GokulNC

Hi ,
I enrolled into the course in august 2019
due to some unavoidable circumstances i was not able to focus on this course and this course was left unattended .
now i want to resume this course .
can you please resume the course for me .