Deadline for DL first batch 2018-19

I would like to know for how long we would have access to DL videos for the first batch which started in 2018-19? I am still at 60-65 % of the progress hence wanted to check.
I am also part of the new course on Foundations of Data Science. FYI. In case if that matters.

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Hi @karrtikiyer,
You can complete the Feb’19 DL course till Feb’20.

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If by any chance we are not able to then ?

I am also in a similar situation and only likely to get some free time in Apr-May of this year to finish the course. This course is the best I have found in understanding the basic concepts and would really like to have access to the videos. I am not averse to paying for further access to the content. Kindly advice. Using this thread, since I didn’t want to start a new thread and also because I wanted to jump past the initial response.

Owing to many requests, we have extended the deadline till 31st May, 2020 for everyone from DL 2018-19 batch.
We will send an official email to everyone soon.


Hello Sir, it would be great if we can access the material for lifelong. Because deep learning is a difficult subject and after so many revisions. Somewhere, we require a quick revision again. We are students and we can’t pay for these courses again and again. Please sir, think about it again.

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The same course on GUVI is giving lifetime access. Is it because it is hosted on a different platform?

Any response please @GokulNC or @Ishvinder?

We have planned to extend the course access for now. So it will be accessible after May 31st as well.

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Hello There,

I regret to inform that I have not been able to complete my Deep Learning course due to my personal and professional engagements. Please provide extension and access so that i can see the videos / content after 31st May.


The access is now extended for 90 more days, expiring on 1st Sept’20 considering the pandemic situation.

You’re strictly advised to complete it by then, and please utilise your free time accordingly as it’s not possible to give further extension after that.

I got a mail stating the extension for Feb 2019 batch till July 31st but here it is stated that its accessible till September. Could you please clarify

Hello @admins ! The deadline of DL Feb-19 course is 31st July or 1st September?

Please refer this thread

Thanks, @Ishvinder for this timely clarification. Actually an email I received from PadhAI administration on the very same day i.e 31st May’20 stating course availability is extended only up to 31st July. Anyways thanks again, I am trying to complete the project in the next few days, but availability will greatly help in learning for sure.

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Hi Ishvinder.

I have taken DS course in Feb-20 (20-25% completed) and DL course in Sept-20

What are the deadlines by which the courses can be accessed?

Please Reply.


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Hi ishvinder.

I join foundation of data science course in jully 2020….and I am able to complete this only 50%.I want to extend the deadline of this course.

As per my knowledge the the course is accessible for 12 month…

So please extend deadline of course…

Hi Mangesh, you can access FDS course for now, please let us know when you don’t have an access to it.

Yes I have an access of FDS now.But my confusion is that, as course is accessible for 1 year.And I join the course on jully 2020.So it will expire on jully 2021,but I am able to complete only 50% of course.So can access it after jully 2021 or it will expire on jully 2021…