Deep Learning course enrollment


I want to pursue the DL course once I complete the DS. I am little confused as to from which website am supposed to enroll. Is it from PadhAI or Guvi ? What is the difference ?


You’ll have a lifetime access to the course on GUVI, Hence i would suggest you the same :slight_smile:

Thanks. Only issue is they offer it as a combo of DS + DL. I think the DS is same as what I am doing here

Is it possible to Deep Learning as a separate course in GUVI ?

I guess they’ve changed the title for the course now. Individual course can be accessed here:

Thanks a lot. Thats good to know

Sir, how can i access to the kaggle contest mentioned in guvi deep learning course.
on guvi I can only see videos.

Please refer DL course 2019 - Kaggle Contest Links

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