Deep Learning Course: PadhAI vs Guvi - Which one to choose?


I’ve looked into the Deep Learning course in Padhai. It says, “Coming Soon!”. Is the Guvi “Deep Learning” course same?

If yes, should I register in Guvi or will it be available soon in Padhai?


Yes I also need answer for this question !

Hi @kaustubhgupta1828, and @ravikiran85,
The course content of the upcoming courses has not been finalized yet, once we have the first draft we’ll share with you all.
It will be a different one from the previous offering on GUVI for sure.


HI @Ishvinder Thanks buddy this is helpful

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Hi @Ishvinder,

I had enrolled for DL course in GUVI and completed the first module. How will the assignments and Kaggle submissions be evaluated in my case?

Hi @Prasanna_M,
The course will be made available on and not GUVI.
Further details will be mailed to you once you complete the registration form after Week-8 in FDS course.

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Thanks for your reply. But I’vent registered for FDS in PadhAI. I enrolled for DL in GUVI directly.

@Prasanna_M I too registered on guvi. Did you get any mail regarding course being available on padhai ?

Nope. I didn’t receive any mail about it. I guess that is only for people who have registered for Data Science course in Padhai. Also, somewhere in forum moderators had mentioned about same course material being given to data science learners as complement due to covid situation. As far as DL is concerned, it wont matter whether it’s through padhai or guvi, both are same.

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I too think so.
I’m too currently enrolled in GUVI DL course.

Me also enrolled in Guvi DL course.