Descriptive Statistics -Slides

Hello All

Is there a slide version of the topics that @Mitesh_Khapra sir presents. Sometimes I need to see something again to reinforce the point and at the moment I need to play the entire video to do that

The descriptive statistics classes were quite good and made sense even for a person like me who has no real background in statistics

BTW, on a lighter note, being an avid Sachin fan myself, am quite depressed looking at the real statistics being shown here :frowning:


Hi @hari.yajurveda,
I agree to the point that provided slides, the revision can be real quick. But due to some organisational reasons we won’t be able to share slides.
I would endorse the note making process, it helps in many ways. Though we might be providing some notes/e-book but the timeline for that is not deterministic as of now, so notes making or taking screenshots from the slides might help you.

Regarding sachin’s performance, in a few plots the matches he didn’t batted in were also counted as zero scores, just to satisfy the topic being taught in the class. So don’t bother about it, later on in the course you’ll be given whole cricket dataset to play around with the topics that will be taught.

Thank you for the reply. I will manage with the video. Good thing since videos are of shorter duration and segregated by topics, it is not very hard to do it

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