Detectron2 AssertionError: RPN requires gt_instances in training - Capstone Project - Object Detection

I am getting an Assertion Error as shown in the below figure while training my model for object detection problem as part of the Capstone Project of the Deep Learning course. I am using Detectron2 framework for object detection training.

  • How can we provide gt_instances to the RPN(Region Proposal Network) block of the model?

Please Help me Out !!!

I have not worked with Detectron2. From what I can understand with respect to RPN:

Basically, it seems like you have to pass your ground truth in that format.
Please try to construct it and pass it using the pointers given above.

If that doesn’t help, probably someone with experience on Detectron2 could help you better.

Meanwhile you can also try this for the capstone project:

I have already tried out the pointers you have mentioned. But it didn’t work out!
It is throwing the same error!