Did not receive Certificate of Deep Learning Course Completion

I have completed deep learning course and it is showing 100% completion in padhai.onefourthlabs.com. But I have not got certificate yet. Please tell me how to generate certificate.

I have generated a certificate and mailed it to you. Please check.

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Hi Prem,

Is this course different from Padhai platform? Can you provide the details of this course. Thanks.

Hi Krishna

This is for an older course called Deep Learning. This course is not available in the PadhAI platform currently. You can access the course at GUVI’s portal.

I have completed Deep Learning - Aug 2019 course on https://padhai.onefourthlabs.in/ platform. but I haven’t received any certificate. How will I get the certificate.

I have mailed you the certificate. Please check.

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I haven’t received certificate in my mail till now.

Please check anuragsingh [at] bel [dot] co [dot] in. Please check all folders (including updates, spam).

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Anyhow its not showing up in my mail box. Can you please forward it to my personal mail id anuragnvs@gmail.com

Thank you.

Is one fourth labs providing certificate other than provided on the guvi platform?