Difference between Algorithm and Machine Learning

Difference between Algorithm and Machine Learning

Hi, post your views on difference between an algorithm and machine learning.

Algorithm means procedure that means step by step process.
Machine Learning can apply some algorithm , then find the knowledgeable values or solution.
Human begin to develop an algorithm and the algorithms are used to predict the values. An user to write a code(Algorithmic procedure) to execute a real time projects , that is called as machine learning. Machine learning projects based on statistical methods or concepts and algorithms.

Impressive answer !!
This is what I think, the idea is similar to yours…
An algorithm works only for a certain set of inputs and gives desired results whereas input for machine learning depends upon the processing power and memory, we can use as many inputs parameters as we see fit and the result of machine learning is garbage.
so algorithm input ---->algo---->desired output
Garbage input------>blackBox(ML)—> Garbage output