Difference between PadhAI forum and network

What is the difference between old forum (https://network.onefourthlabs.com) and this new forum (https://forum.onefourthlabs.com) ?

Will the old one gets closed? In this forum there is no live chat available.

  • This current public community PadhAI Forum was created for all PadhAI students irrespective of any batch/course, and recommended platform.
  • The previous platform PadhAI Network was created specially only for Guvi Deep Learning students to discuss and help each other. (Will not be taken down, atleast till 2020)
  • Before that, only for our first Deep Learning batch students, we had a PadhAI Slack community.

For chatting/messaging in this forum, search for the person you want to chat & press on their name/icon and press “Message”.

ok. Thanks for reply. Can i access this forum for lifetime

Yes anyone can, anytime :slight_smile:

ok. Please reply other questions too please sir