DL#105 Loss plot changes with execution of fit function in Generic Multi-Class FFN

Hi All,

I have written down the code for a generic Multi-Class FeedForward Network. Each time I execute the fit function, the loss plot varies.

Can someone look into the code and let me know how to sort this out.

class FFMulti_NNetwork:

    def __init__(self, n_inputs, n_outputs, hidden_sizes=[2]):

        self.nx = n_inputs

        self.ny = n_outputs

        self.nh = len(hidden_sizes)

        self.sizes = [self.nx] + hidden_sizes + [self.ny]   

        self.W = {}

        self.B = {}

        for i in range(self.nh+1):

            self.W[i+1] = np.random.randn(self.sizes[i], self.sizes[i+1]) 

            self.B[i+1] = np.zeros((1, self.sizes[i+1]))


    def sigmoid(self, X):

        return 1.0/(1.0 + np.exp(-X))

    def softmax(self, X):

        exps = np.exp(X)

        return exps / np.sum(exps, axis = 1).reshape(-1,1)


    def forward_pass(self, X):

        self.A = {}

        self.H = {}

        self.H[0] = X      

        for i in range(self.nh):

            self.A[i+1] = np.matmul(self.H[i], self.W[i+1]) + self.B[i+1] 

            self.H[i+1] = self.sigmoid(self.A[i+1])

        self.A[self.nh+1] = np.matmul(self.H[self.nh], self.W[self.nh+1]) + self.B[self.nh+1]

        self.H[self.nh+1] = self.softmax(self.A[self.nh+1])

        return self.H[self.nh+1]        


    def grad_sigmoid(self, X):

        return X*(1-X) 


    def grad(self, X, Y):


        self.dW = {}

        self.dB = {}

        self.dH = {}

        self.dA = {}

        L = self.nh + 1

        self.dA[L] = (self.H[L] - Y)

        for k in range(L, 0, -1):

            self.dW[k] = np.matmul(self.H[k-1].T, self.dA[k])

            self.dB[k] = np.sum(self.dA[k], axis = 0).reshape(1,-1)

            self.dH[k-1] = np.matmul(self.dA[k], self.W[k].T)

            self.dA[k-1] = np.multiply(self.dH[k-1], self.grad_sigmoid(self.H[k-1]))


    def fit(self, X, Y, epochs=1, learning_rate=1, display_loss=False):

        if display_loss:

            loss = {}

        for e in tqdm_notebook(range(epochs), total=epochs, unit="epoch"):

            self.grad(X, Y)

            m = X.shape[0]

            for i in range(self.nh+1):

                self.W[i+1] -= learning_rate * (self.dW[i+1] / m)

                self.B[i+1] -= learning_rate * (self.dB[i+1] / m)

            if display_loss:

                Y_pred = self.predict(X)

                loss[e] = log_loss(np.argmax(Y, axis=1), Y_pred)

        if display_loss:





    def predict(self, X):

        Y_pred = self.forward_pass(X)

        return np.array(Y_pred).squeeze()

@mohdshamweel Hi , I think , issue is coming due to randomness in random function , So In this case using random seed will help to fix issue as loss plot will use same random data every time .With the seed reset (every time), the same set of numbers will appear every time.

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@ankitpatel234 Thank You. :smile: