DL course is Lifetime?

I have purcahsed DL course in march 2020 ,Does is it have limited time access ?

Did you purchase from Guvi? Or PadhAI Portal?

Anyway, both the courses are the same.

  • If Guvi, it’s lifetime access
  • If PadhAI, 1 year validity
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@GokulNC I have purchased DL course on PadhAI Portal. I understand considering Covid the access will not terminate by end of May. However life time access would be awesome. Is there a way to port to GUVI

Sorry @RaamKP,
But porting all the students to GUVI is not feasible for us. The final dates for the access are now extended till September’20.


Why not extend life-time validaty to padhAI registrations? More so as the prices are same in both Guvi and padhAI

The same is my enquiry with this regard i the following post:

The PadhAI DL course was actually conducted for Feb 2019 batch only. (Had certificates for Kaggle contests, had PadhAI live sessions, had a Slack community for them, etc.)
The DL course on GUVI is an archived re-run of the same course, which was done in late 2019.

For people who wish to learn this old PadhAI DL course, they can avail it via GUVI only.
PadhAI Portal DL registrations stopped during early 2019 itself.

PadhAI DL certificate will be directly from One Fourth Labs and people who had participated in Kaggle contests received micro-certificates for that too.
GUVI DL certificate will be hosted by GUVI and acknowledged/signed by One Fourth Labs.

Also, the validity for PadhAI Feb’2019 DL students has been extended for a few months.
Hope I made things a bit clear :slight_smile:


Also, the validity for PadhAI Feb’2019 DL students has been extended for a few months.
Hope I made things a bit clear

@GokulNC Just to be clear, the new deadline is now September 2020?

Please consider PadhAI DL course to give lifetime access…


Would GUVI DL enroll get an opportunity to move to PadhAI DL that will open later this year? or are they mutually exclusive and the course at PadhAI needs to be paid again? I assume the new version is an increment of the 2019 version.

also, with GUVI DL being an archived version of PadhAI DL, is there any limitation with Assignment/Project/Kaggle submission?

Appreciate your help!

The PadhAI DL/NN in the next year will be a whole new course, though the syllabus will have a good overlap with the previous DL course. As far as we can say now, we won’t be opening up the same DL course on PadhAI website again.

Yes you are right, you’ll need to enroll anew.

No, no such limitations. Kaggle contests & leaderboards are still open (though no active participation as when it was with the batched course), assignment is be there for every video (quiz) and there is a final capstone project.

Hi @Ishvinder @GokulNC

I can understand the technical problem in migrating all students to the GUVI platform only for that Lifetime validity. But my concern is that lifetime access will help some students to quickly brush-up all the basics, which they might forget because of a long gap after their certification.

It would be very very helpful if you can come up with a solution.

Thanks in advance.

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