DL Covid Break Free Access: Will I get certificate?

Do we get a Course completion certificate if we finish the course and submit the Capstone project before 31st May 2020 ? Regards

Yes, certificates will be issued to you if you complete the course within two months.

Due to break because of COVID i gained access to Deep learning Feb 19
What is the validity of the course ?
Is it 2 months from the date of user getting access to the course
If we wish to increase the Course duration is there any possibility for that ?
I see the Kaggle Submission deadlines are over, will the micro certificate be awarded if we compete in the contest now also ?
will PadhAI provide course completion certificate if we complete this course too ?

Hey @msanthosh1855,

  1. The validity was 2 months from the date you aquired the course, but is now extended till September.
  2. As for the Kagge competitions for micro-certification, mostly you won’t get the certificates, however, its very beneficial to practice for those problems.
  3. Lastly, YES we do get the certificate on completion of the DL-19 course on completion.

Keep learning :+1:

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